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Wings / 9

Chicken wings coated with your choice of sauce and dusted with parmesan.
Sticky sauce, Spicy sauce, or Honey mustard

Rock Town Fries / 12 

Ale House wedge fries covered with cheese sauce, peppers, onions, and our house white dressing. The new standard for Rock Town.

Do the right thing and add pulled pork / 5.

Garlic Knots / 6

Knots of dough, fried into sweet little pillows  and coated in savory dust that sticks to your fingers, served with cheese sauce for dipping.

Cheese & Crackers / 6

Our house pimento cheese and benedictine spreads are the main event. 

Add 4oz of bougie cheddar / 5.

Fried Pickles / 6

Pickled cucumbers fried in beer batter and served with Plantation dressing for dipping.




Make any selection into a wrap or a salad.

Beer Cheese Potato Soup / 6 

A powerful soup made with beer, cheese, and potatoes. And since this is the midwest, it also has corn, bacon, and more cheese.

American Onion Soup / 5

Instead of messing around with European cheese and fancy toast points, we take our onion soup, made with American beer, and chuck a grilled cheese sandwich on it.

Mixed Green House Salad / 7

Mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, and onion. Served with our house buttermilk white dressing.

Plantation Salad / 10

Mixed greens with bacon and crunchy stuff, tossed in Plantation dressing and dusted in parmesan.

Power Salad / 14

This salad is big and dumb, and a full meal if you do it right. Comes with grilled chicken and blackeyed peas and corn and bleu cheese and cheddar cheese and ranch dressing.




Served with wedge fries, slaw, baked beans, or pasta salad. 

Fried Chicken / 12

A battered, fried chicken breast with American cheese, pickles, and our benedictine spread. Tucked into a caramelized sweet bun. 

BLT / 11

A simple BLT done up properly with flavorful mixed greens, fresh salted tomato, caramelized slab bacon, and mayo on grilled cheesy bread.

Fried Fish / 15  

Battered and fried market whitefish on a caramelized sweet bun slathered with a lemony mayo. A scoop of slaw and some bright, fresh red onion.

Hot Brown / 15 

Open faced sandwich that takes up the whole plate. A caramelized sweet bun is the foundation for a bed of sliced turkey, cheese sauce and cheddar that gets broiled to greatness and topped with bacon and grilled tomato. *No additional sides included.

Grilled Cheese / 11

Grilled cheesy bread gets American cheese and bougie cheddar cheese, our house pimento cheese and Benedictine spreads, a swipe of mayo and a fried egg. 




Served with wedge fries, slaw, baked beans, or pasta salad. 

All double stacked with quarter pound beef patties and tucked into caramelized sweet buns. Served with wedge fries, slaw, baked beans, or pasta salad.  

The Traditionalist / 11 Pairing: Blonde

The classics are classics for a reason. Melty American cheese, pickle, onion, tomato, mayo, ketchup, and yellow mustard.

The Pimento Burger / 13  Pairing: IPA

This burger is a true gentleman who likes a stiff drink now and then. House pimento cheese, grilled tomato, a drizzle of our house white dressing, and fried pickles on top.

The Mushroom Burger / 13 Pairing: Saison

First we melt on bleu cheese, then we smother it in creamy mushroom sauce, then we slap a fried egg on it. Comes with extra napkins !

The Wedge Fry Burger / 13 Pairing: Pale

Covered in cheese sauce, a scoop of slaw, and charred onion, with our wedge fries right on the sandwich. Comes with a side of baked beans.

The Featured Beer Burger

Ask your server about our featured burger, made with our featured beer as a showcase. It’s bound to be a celebration in and of itself.


Fish and Fries / 15 Pairing: Apothic White

Beer battered market whitefish with wedge fries and our sassy corn relish. Served with lemony mayo for dipping or spreading.

Steak and Potatoes / 17 Pairing: Malbec

Sirloin steak with homemade baked beans and crispy fried potatoes tossed in parmesan with drizzle of house steak sauce.

Midwestern Stir Fry / 12 Pairing: Pinot Noir

A blend of all our beautiful vegetables gets braised in a savory, all-American pan sauce and laid on a healthy bed of white rice.

Add pulled pork or chicken breast / 5

Cavatappi / 15 Pairing: Chard

Corkscrew pasta gets tossed in a sophisticated mushroom and onion sauce and topped with crispy slab bacon and a battered and fried chicken breast.

Tomato Pie / 13  Pairing: Apothic Red

Tomato, cheese, onion and pulled pork enveloped in pizza dough and roasted until golden brown and delicious. Served with house steak sauce for dipping.

Whiskey Glazed Salmon / 17

Everyone’s favorite fish gets broiled with a whiskey glaze. Served with creamy fried rice and topped with pimento slaw.

Ribeye / 36

A choice ribeye and Boetje’s mashed potatoes, topped with beer braised cabbage and mushrooms.



Kid’s Cheeseburger / 8

A quarter-pound beef patty with cheese, ketchup and mustard

Mini Corndogs / 7

Eight mini corndogs made with chicken with ketchup for dipping

Grilled Cheese / 5

Classic grilled cheese on white or wheat


Super cool dinosaur-shaped nuggets with ketchup for dipping


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